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Renovating homes with Mass Constructions

Contemporary designed homes don’t come from the science fiction movies. They are carefully planned and built in reality to match the modern trends and to suffice the growing needs of your family. Mass Constructions offer Home Renovation and Home Extension services in Sandringham which can give an enhanced look to your home with the tinge of modern era architecture. The contemporary plans designed by Mass Constructions are primarily characterized by simple, sleek, clean lines, least decoration, good use of glass, and shed or flat rooflines. Depending on the clients’ choice, a modern design may also comprise of indoor/outdoor living spaces or unusual open floor plans.

Sandringham’s Home Improvement & Extension Specialists

If you are looking for home extension in Sandringham, you need not look any further than Mass Constructions! We are master extension builders in Sandringham and design home extensions that that can grow with your family. Without unnecessary disruption of moving the family away from the home, you can get a new extension to enhance the usability and value of your property. Imagine coming home to a spacious new living room, kids’ room, kitchen or family room and enjoy breathing space with your family!

Quality that speaks for itself

Based on our personal experience with the clients we have served so far, we have crafted a quality control policy that ensures that only the best quality material goes into the project. Owing to our experience of home renovation and home extension in Sandringham, we can sense the quality issues much before they actually occur. We have our own internal quality checking system in place.

Unifying the home renovation experience in Sandringham

Our state-of-the-art software puts your construction project on your fingertips. We believe constant communication with our clients is the best way to prevent any issues arising. You can access all the details like budget, schedule, variations, automatic reminders, online approvals, major milestones etc. with a single click. You can also track the progress of your project with the online photo gallery that is constantly updated by our team. It also stores all your communications done with the project manager. All you need is an internet connection and you can directly access the home renovation or home extension project undertaken by Mass Constructions in Sandringham.

We have also successfully accomplished projects like home renovations in Melbourne, home extension in Hampton, home renovation in Black Rock, etc. To know more about the geographies where we currently extend our services, refer to our “ Suburbs We Serve” section. If you have any queries or questions or even to book a consultant appointment, call us on 1300 585 287 or write to us at

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