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Second-Storey Extension in Caulfield North

A second-storey extension offers a great way to increase space without the stress of having to move to a new home. For growing families, a second-storey extension has emerged as a cost-effective option as it also allows you to preserve your outdoor space. You get the opportunity to optimally use the same space by just adding on to it. Also referred to as first-floor addition, top floor addition or attic conversions, a second-floor extension has become a popular choice with homeowners. In case you are planning to add an extra bedroom, increase your living space or just want to enhance the appeal of your property, the extension specialists at Mass Constructions can help.

At Mass Constructions, we specialize in creating bespoke second-storey extensions to seamlessly merge with your existing dwelling and offer a comfortable living space. The needs of our clients are extremely important to us and we take great care to design extensions to your complete satisfaction. Avail our service to build a competent second-storey extension.

Experienced Extension Specialists in Caulfield North

Adding a second-storey requires consideration of several vital aspects and we at Mass Constructions have the experience to deliver an extension that is aesthetically pleasing and practical. To begin with, adding a second-floor implies an increase in the load on your existing structure. It is essential to assess the foundation and accordingly create a plan that will best suit the project. We carry out a thorough assessment to figure out the possibilities and structural limitations. Our experienced builders create plans by carefully distributing the weight to different sections of the home.

We also understand that the new addition needs to flawlessly merge with your existing structure and maintain the natural flow of your home. With our experience, we have a thorough understanding of second-storey extensions and take great care to design visually appealing extensions. Our plans also ensure that the structural stability of your home is not compromised. Our service is second to none and you can completely rely on us for all your second-story extension needs.

Hassle-free Second Storey Extension

Daunted by the thought of a home extension?

We understand the apprehensions and stress involved in any project and wish to make your experience an absolutely smooth one. We cover all aspects of the extension from design, construction and project management. In case you feel that your home is lacking space, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities. We specialize in second-floor additions and can help you plan a seamless home renovation.

We believe that planning is the key and work in close collaboration with our clients to provide a natural-looking and appealing extension for your home. You can get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation and quote. We will visit your site for a complete measurement and discussion. Once you’ve approved the quote, we will begin to prepare for council approval. The next step is to finalize the contract after which we will begin to prepare for the construction. Fill in our contact form or call 1300 585 287 to make an appointment.



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